Website Development

From Intranet to Mobile, data driven to static, blogs to ecommerce, I develop every kind of website my clients need. I specialize and prefer to work on database driven websites running in MVC Frameworks with OOP Methodology. Since 2009, I've been building and managing MVC applications full-time and love doing it.

My base development incorporates analytics, security, tracking, speed, seo friendly properties, ad block detection, popular libraries for backwards compatibility with older browsers and asynchronous communication between servers and clients; all together providing stable, secure and profitable software. If you're curious, view the source of this website to see my markup.

Responsive Website Development

Notice how lots of people are using their mobile devices to surf the Internet? Everyone is doing this so as a business, having a website that can adapt to the smaller screens if very important. There's much more coding involved with this technology and know how to write the code is crucial for any web developer.

I know what it takes and can produce responsiveness in any website. Websites that have much of the same functionality desktop versions have such as contact forms and blogs.


Mobile Website Design

Is your site mobile? Should it be? Answer: ABSOLUTELY, it should be! Google gives boosts in ranking of your website if it's mobile friendly. Just think of the increased business by people that are vacationing or traveling, lots of them use their mobile devices instead of their computers. You can reach more customers with a great web presence built with the software package I provide.

Mobile websites are all the rage these days and you know that. If your website is not mobile friendly, you're missing out on a lot of potential customers.

With my New Build or Rebuild Web Design Service, I include code that will provide LG/MD/SM X-browser width computer viewports, IOS Retina and non-Retina Landscape and Portrait viewports for Tablets and Phones, Android Retina Landscape and Portrait viewports for Tablets and Phones all in one website. There is no need to have different sites for each device and definitely; no need to buy a ".mobi" top level domain name.

I specialize in Mobile Websites. Contact me now for an evaluation of your website(s) so we can compile a plan to increase your ROI.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of analyzing and enhancing your website so that it's easier for potential customers to find your site in SERPs (search engine results page). Using SEO tools to help improve where your website appears in the results when someone conducts a search for your product or service by typing relevant keywords is what I do for each client.

If you do a search for "SEO Service costs", you'll likely find rates in the hundreds but not with me. I do SEO for much less than the companies that have to pay employee salaries. I don't have that overhead and I guarantee more traffic to your website when you hire me as your SEO specialist.


Database Design & Management

I love data and since data is stored in databases, I LOVE databases. The bigger the database, the better. A database is a very good way to store your customers list, products list, venders list or just about any other list. Move away from those cumbersome spreadsheets and get your data in a database. It's simple and did I mention that I love database.!?

Not all database are created equal, however. Choosing the database engine depends on the type of data you're going to store. Also, the security access to a database is very important. There can be accounts that are only allowed to insert records and there can be accounts that are only allowed to update records. The planning of database security should not be overlooked.


If you've ever heard of websites being "hacked" or you fear your customers' sensitive data may not be secure, contact me so I can evaluate your site's system. I'm an experienced cyber security enthusiast and I always write my code to be secure from hackers and spammers. It's best to pay a professional like me what it takes to secure your data and protect your websites. Think of the alternative, wouldn't you feel better knowing your data will always be there and your websites are protected? I don't just write the code to protect, I educate. Knowing is more than half the battle when it comes to cyber security. I can help in every aspect of website security.

Don't wait until your site fails from a hack because it's too late at that point. Don't risk heavy fines and lost revenue from your data being stolen or destroyed.

Monetization is key for website owners