You've probably seen the commercial that uses the catch phrase "Not You". That label can hurt if you need to make a home purchase.
In Texas, Dallas Fort Worth in particular, you won't drive far without seeing some type of construction. As of January 2018, more lanes are being added the Dallas Tollway, 35E, HWY 190 and even major surface streets such as Coit and Preston.
North Texas is booming. Toyota move their headquarters to Frisco, TX a few years ago and that lead to thousands upon thousands of people moving to DFW. The same will happen if Amazon lands its second headquarters anywhere in the Metroplex.
With population growth, several things happens to the economy. One of which is more housing. If you would rather own real estate because ownership benefits greatly out weight leasing, you may need a knowledgeable agent to work with so you don't become a "Not You".




Not all homes are for all people. Homes should align with the owner's goals in life. Can a home fit with your large family? Is that home too big for you? Do you like multiple stories in your house or do you prefer no stairs? There are several questions to consider when buy a home and those questions can be different for everyone. I've been told that my questions and advise truly help clients make the best decisions for their wants and needs. Contact me and you'll be amazed at the in-sight I can bring.




I love taking time to find out what's most important to my clients. Providing custom exceptional service is what I do best. No regrets and happy clients can only lead to beautiful relationships.




I will never make my clients fell like they're just a number. In fact, my clients feel like they're always in the front of the line. Treating my clients like I want to be treated is how I operate. I don't feel any one person is better than another regardless of how much their budget is. Treat me with respect and I'll treat you with equal respect.


  • Never hire an inspector that the listing agent refers.
  • Always be at the inspection with the inspector.
  • Make sure the seller is not present during the inspection and tell your inspector to not go in the property without you or me.
  • Always read the Seller Disclosure of the property.
  • Review a bird's eye google map of the property address.
  • Check the Sex Offender List for the neighborhood if you have small children.
  • Take lots of pictures when you're touring a house so you can negotiate better if you want to make an offer. (I'll do this when you're my client)
  • Remove all religious paraphernalia from sight when buyers are touring your home.
  • Remove or Lock any personal items that can be taken off premises such as prescription drugs and jewelery.
  • Consider offers when buyers include personal property such as big screen TVs, pool table, patio furniture, etc.
  • Clean all sink drains so water flows quickly.
  • Replace any broken windows and/or screens.

I have many more tips for buying and selling real estate.

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