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I work Hard for Real Estate Buyers

A buyer should always have the help of a real estate agent that does everything he or she can to provide the most information about real property as possible.

I was on the "frustrating" side of a couple real estate transaction as a buyer. Most recently, where an agent looking at houses with did not explain to me that since he and I did not have a signed buyer representation contract between us, he was working on behalf of the seller. I know... right? It's true. When an agent and buyer go looking at houses, the agent is obligated to answer only the questions asked by the buyer. The agent is not obligated by law to provide any additional information to the buyer. Of course if there's an obvious defect like a crack in a wall, the buyer knows to ask questions but what if the defects are hidden like spackle and paint covering the crack? Would the buyer know to look at the ceiling line or base board to see if there is any bowing?

It wasn't until it came time to write the offer, this agent presented me with the Buyer Representation Agreement to sign. By then, I had already decided to purchase the house.

When a Buyer Representation Agreement is in force, the agent should, which I always do, find out as much about the property from the seller and any other resource available. The seller must have what's called a Seller's Disclosure which lists any known problems, issues, liens, etc. attached to the property. Many listing agents will market all the improvements so those are already out there and are what typically drive buyers to the property.

Of course buyers say, “That's what an inspection is for.” But let me make you fully aware, not all inspectors will tell you the manufactured date of that dishwasher in the kitchen of the house you have an offer on, at least not without you telling him to. Also, many inspectors say that having a saline pool is “easier” to take care of. Not true in the least. I had a saline pool and let me tell you that it was a major pain in you know where when I had to add clarifier every 10 days or after every time it rained. And in Spring, Summer and sometimes Fall, dismantling the cell segment to dunk it in battery acid at least once a month; even more if your water supply is hard and has a high level of calcium in it. Ever take a whiff of battery acid? Have you ever gotten that stuff on your skin? I know... there's “Pool Guys” that can do that work. But are you thinking about the cost of that service?

There are several things a buyer can do to protect themselves from a money pit purchase and the best thing to do is have an experienced and objective set of eyes that is dedicated to informing 100% of the good, bad and the ugly details that come up when purchasing a Re-sale home. New home purchases are a completely different level and I can help you with those too.

Contact me now to experience my promise to you as my client.

I work Equally Hard for Real Estate Sellers

It's easy to see that the seller's market is giving way to the buyers market. With just about every home listed reducing their price shortly after turning active, it's much better to price a home “To Sell” rather than “Too High”.

When selling a home, a seller should ask him/her self a very important question. That question is, “Do I want this house to sell fast?” Making a quick sale is almost always the best outcome. If the sellers don't live in the house, they don't want to carry the mortgage. If the seller is living in the house, most don't want several weeks of “buyer foot traffic” taking time from their schedule. Especially when most buyers don't want the seller in the house when they're looking at it.

A house that sits on the market for a long time or has more than one price reduction can be stigmatized. Which is detrimental for sellers.

I know I can get you a CMA that will get your house sold fast. Unloading the house so you won't have to pay the mortgage any longer than you have to. If you are living in the house and want to get the most $, not necessarily selling it fast, my CMA will price your house very competitively.

Real Property
  • Never hire an inspector that the listing agent refers.
  • Always be at the inspection with the inspector.
  • Make sure the seller is not present during the inspection and tell your inspector to not go in the property without you or me.
  • Always read the Seller Disclosure of the property.
  • Review a bird's eye google map of the property address.
  • Check the Sex Offender List for the neighborhood if you have small children.
  • Take lots of pictures when you're touring a house so you can negotiate better if you want to make an offer. (I'll do this when you're my client)
  • Remove all religious paraphernalia from sight when buyers are touring your home.
  • Remove or Lock any personal items that can be taken off premises such as prescription drugs and jewelery.
  • Consider offers when buyers include personal property such as big screen TVs, pool table, patio furniture, etc.
  • Clean all sink drains so water flows quickly.
  • Replace any broken windows and/or screens.

I have many more tips for buying and selling real estate. Contact me now to benefit from them.

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